Angkor Tiger 1-0 Boeung Ket : Da Cruz strikes a winning goal for Angkor Tiger

Da Cruz scored a penalty to secure for Angkor Tiger’s 1-0 win over the defending Champions  Boeung Ket this afternoon.

Long Meng Hav brought down by skipper Tes Sambath at 62th minutes before the Brazilian striker was brave enough to accept the spot taker. The former Visakha hitman made no error to send the Siem Reap – based team on the top  with 13 points and keep third straight loss for Boeung Ket this season.

The victory makes the Tigers unbeaten for last 5 matches facing the four-time C-League Champions.
Boeung Ket have yet beaten Angkor Tiger for last 5 consecutive games in Metfone Cambodian League.
The Kampong Cham-based men are staying and preparing next match to encounter Soltilo Angkor on Wednesday , May 26.



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